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Feb, 2024

Winter Weather

Winter Weather
Yes this is the time for snow storms and all that come with it. PCYB tries to get the games off if we can. We hardly ever cancel and if we do it will be on this page and we will try to send out an email. In previous years we have worked with the Sheriffs Department when it comes to the roads and the conditions to make the best decisions.
If you can't make it that's fine, We understand. The games will go on with whomever shows since we already paid for the gym time
Student / High School Drivers...
Go slow! There is no reason to speed or go fast. Give plenty of distance between you and the car in front of you and slow down or stop at all intersections. Cars may have the red light their way but sometimes they cant stop and slide into the intersection. Be Careful, drive like your grandparents would.

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